Cleaning and emptying of houses, apartments or premises in London

We take care of cleaning and emptying your home, office, or premises, removing garbage or old furniture.

We are experts in cleaning and emptying services, removing garbage and other content, and removing furniture. Let the professionals who are experts in house cleaning and emptying take care of cleaning and removing from your home or premises all kinds of waste, garbage, old furniture, or any content that you want to remove. We have our own vehicles for the removal of all kinds of content.

Removal of old junk and other belongings

We empty your home removing all kinds of old junk and other belongings. We take care of removing useless objects and deep cleaning the home.

Furniture removal

We take care of taking all kinds of old furniture that no longer works.

Adequacy of rooms, disinfection

We carry out a deep cleaning of all areas of the house for its recovery after an eviction, houses with a large accumulation of dirt, or any case in which a professional cleaning team is needed with special equipment and detergents for complete disinfection.

Deep cleaning

If you are going to recover the house for rent or even to live in it, ask us for a price to carry out a deep cleaning after emptying it.

Cleaning and emptying of offices and premises

We not only empty homes, we are also experts in emptying all types of premises, offices, storage rooms, garages, etc.

Call us now and ask for a budget without obligation.

What to Expect During End of Tenancy Cleaning or Emptying

We carry out the emptying with our own vehicle, supplies, and cleaning equipment. We have a quick emptying and cleaning service for special needs, leaving the house, office, or premises empty and clean on the same day.

What to expect after end of tenancy cleaning

At the end of the emptying or cleaning of a home or premises, a supervisor will carry out a small quality test to check your level of satisfaction with the work carried out.

Know that if we do not meet your expectations for any reason, we will come back and fulfill the guarantee of our work. Simply notify us within 24 hours of any issues, including any oversights or misunderstandings regarding your cleaning plan specification.

Fast service

Except in exceptional cases where the house is very large or the number of junk, furniture to be removed is extremely large, we carry out the work in a single day.

The keys to a good cleaning and emptying

  • Experience and professionalism
  • Organization and specific products
  • Garbage removal
  • Furniture removal
  • Removal of old junk
  • Garbage removal (Diogenes)
  • Sanitary deep cleaning

You’ll experience great attention to detail, an open line of constant communication, and a commitment to your satisfaction.

Not satisfied with the cleanliness of your neighborhood community?

You can find reputable end of tenancy cleaning companies in London by asking your community. Surely, one of your neighbours have used this kind of service and they will be able to recommend you someone. You may need to look for comparing sites such as Service Quotes to find end of tenancy cleaning quotes. It may take just few minutes to fill in simple form and you will be able to start receiving quotes shortly.