End of tenancy cleaning: Professional vs. DIY

If you have ever been involved in any form of house cleaning, then you can relate to how exhausting end of tenancy cleaning really is. On one hand is the headache of packing and unpacking boxes and on the other is thinking of when to go back to clean the old house. It is normal to not have any energy left to do such an involving task and that is why there are professionals. At the mention of outsourcing cleaning, many people think of the high costs involved. The most important thing and what many people forget is the reason these professionals exist; to help you.

Here are some highlights and truths about why you need to hire professional cleaners;

They increase your chances of getting a full deposit refund

Every landlord has a condition in the tenant agreement that demands of the tenant to maintain the cleanliness standards of the property. To avoid interpreting this condition in ways other than what the landlord intended, why not hire professional cleaners for the end of tenancy deep clean. In short, the hired service will apply their experience in cleaning places such as the cooker, cupboards, floors, bathroom, kitchen and fridge. If you have a checklist of the areas they should focus on, better give them because these are the areas the landlord will inspect first.

There are cheap end of tenancy cleaning services

You cannot avoid the responsibility of cleaning a house you are moving out from because even you enjoyed cleaning done by another tenant. With the demand for professional house cleaning generally on the rise, service providers are on the increase. Most of these companies specialize in cleaning alone while many others are part of a larger outfit that mostly covers moving. The competition among themselves keeps the prices low and this benefits the people seeking the services. It is possible to get cheap and professional end of tenancy cleaning if only you took the time to research and compare different options.

Landlords charge more if they organize the cleaning

Even when using professional cleaners, a landlord will often go for the most expensive option. This will definitely be subtracted from your due deposit but you have the power to keep the expenses at a bare minimum.  Leave enough room between the day you move out and the day your tenancy officially comes to an end to organize for own cleaning. Even with a list of all the professional cleaners in your area, the cheapest will still do a great job.